Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hello All!

We had a fantastic turnout tonight at our trial class at 630!

If you know anyone interested in coming to 782 Athletics, tell them to join you for a class this week or as soon as they are ready to give it a go. All classes right now are open to beginners or people with any level of fitness.

I am going to first begin my debrief by giving all the credit in the world to Dixon Matheson, Emos, and their team of judges and volunteers. This competition does not happen without the tireless effort of this crew. It is a thankless job at the best of times and you all handled it with superior class. Thank you again for the work on Saturday and Sunday. You kept the standards high and you made sure we had everything in order before the workout and once the workout got going you worked with your athletes the best you could. There is nothing more I can say, but thank you. Too many people pulling their weight to make this happen.

782 Athletics - 6/430/530

Strength & Conditioning

20min AMRAP

70cal Row

60 WBS

50 DB Snatch

40 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

30 Pushups

Get it. Pace yourself out the gate and let yourself get to work on those gymnastics skills.

Choose numbers that work for you to get under the time cap so you get to work on each skill.

Create a game plan and then adapt as you need to within the workout.

We will take the time after the warm up to get set up for this workout and then send you out in heats of 3 to get this workout started.

- Team 782