Thursday, May 23, 2019

Happy Birthday to Juliette & Peter Roberts today!

Hope you all did your birthday burpees, more likely for my sister than my father!

This weekend we have a couple of trial classes happening for some summer camps we have starting July 2nd. The trial classes will be Saturday afternoon, at 3pm for students going into grades 8 through to the 11 and then at 4pm for students going into grades 5 through to 7. These classes will be trial classes for our sport specific camps this summer as well as information sessions for parents.

Want to give a shout out for the weekend to Colette and Greg and Anne. Through this whole process these three were sounding boards for ideas related to programming, set up, score cards, cleaning, and everything else in between. There were many people we touched based with before making decisions, but these 3 were people I would confirm ideas for the comp before releasing them outside the gym.

782 Athletics - 12/430/530


12min EMOM (12 minutes) - 6 Rounds

0: 3 Back Squats

1: 25’ Plate OH Walking Lunge


15min AMRAP

50 SU’s/20 DU’s

40 Squats

30 Situps

20 Walking Lunges

10 Burpees

Lots of legs here!

782 Kids - 330

Warmup - Coaches Choice

Skills Review

Wall Walks

Squat to MB

We will practice these two and then use them in the relay race and workout!


Musical Med Balls

Move around the med balls until the music stops and then sit on a med ball.

Waiter Tag

Relay Race

Wall Walk - 5 Squats on different medballs - Rope Swing - Run to end and back - Tag next person


8min AMRAP

Hop 20’ on two feet

10 squat to medball

Lunge 20’

10 Ball Slams

- Team 782