Hello all.

Saying the weekend was fantastic would be an understatement. Words can’t begin to describe the pride I have in 782 after a weekend like that. It is overwhelming. As I process the weekend and the past few weeks leading up to it I’ll start dumping my thoughts on here, but for now I will just get you set up for the week.

We will be running our prime timers class at 10am over on North River Rd.

782 Athletics - 12/430/530

Gymnastics Strength

10min EMOM

0: 3-5 Strict Pullups (banded/jumping/partner/etc.)

1: 2-3 Wall Walks

Choose appropriate scalings for your own fitness and move from there.



Burpee Box Jump Overs

Ring Rows

14min Time Cap. Make the ring rows difficult.

Get after it.

782 Kids - 330pm

Warmup - Coaches Choice

Skills Review

Pullups/Ring Rows

We will get you hanging from the bar with our help and help you get your first pullups

Plate G2OH

We will get you picking things up off the ground.


Musical Med Balls

Move around the med balls until the music stops and then sit on a med ball.

Relay Race

Wall Walk - Jump from ball to ball - swing on rope - under bench - over bench - burpee - run back


8min partner AMRAP - alternate rounds

Full Length run

3 Plate G2OH

3 Burpees on to plate

Tag and then partner goes!

- Team 782