Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Good evening!

Schedule for MayDay Mania will be released this Thursday and we will be picking up porta potties and any extra gear on Friday.

Registration will take place again Friday evening from 530 to 7. We will not be having a 530 class here as the DJ will be setting up and we will be getting the space organized. 782 Athletics will be open Friday night until 630 if anyone is keen to train over there. 782 Athletics will also be open on Saturday from class at 10 and 12 for anyone not competing.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, we will be doing comp class at 782 Athletics. We’ll be up in the loft for the first hour and then down on the turf for the last hour.

782 Athletics - 6/430/530


10min EMOM

0: 10-15 Russian KBS

1: 10-15 Strict Situps

Choose a good number for you that you can finish well in about 30 seconds. This is for quality here.


20min AMRAP

15cal Row

12 Shuttle Runs

9 MB Thrusters

60 SU’s/20 DU’s

Rest 1 minute

Get after this one!

- Team 782