Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday and here we go again!

We will be having a trial class at 630pm at CrossFit 782.

Come one and come all to get yourself going.

This summer we will be having a summer CrossFit 101 session starting up in the morning. Stay tuned for more details and to get your friends in the gym as soon as you can!

This Saturday we will be running classes at 782 Athletics if you are not competing in MayDay Mania.

782 Athletics - 12/430/530


EMOM x 6 Rounds (12 minutes)

0: 5 Strict Press

1: 3-5 Banded or Partner or Strict Pullups or 7 Jumping Pullups

We’ll learn these two new skills and then get you moving through them for the workout.


12min AMRAP

8 Pushups

12cal Row

8 Ring Rows

12 Box Jump or Step Up Overs

782 Kids - 330


KB Farmers’ Carries

Plate G2OH



Step Ups


Musical Medballs

Waiter Tag


3min AMRAP - rest 3 minutes x 2

25’ Bear Crawl

5 Step or Jump Overs

25’ Bear Crawl

5 Plate G2OH

- Team 782

- Team 782