Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hello all!

Shirts are in and porta potties are to be picked up tomorrow.

Schedule will be released on Friday and we will be begin on Saturday at 8am. Registration from 7 to 730 on Saturday and from 530-7 on Friday evening.

Sunday morning we kick off at the turf, 782 Athletics, at 8am.

782 Athletics - 12/430/530


10min EMOM

0: 3 Hang Power Cleans

1: 2 Wall Walks

We will work on moving with some power here with your barbell and then introduce you to going upside down.


10min AMRAP

10 Burpees

10 MB Situps

10 DB Snatches

And then some fun conditioning here!

782 Kids - 330

Warmup - Coaches Choice

Skills Review

Pullups/Ring Rows

We will get you hanging from the bar with our help and help you get your first pullups

MB Slams

We will get you moving a ball here to overhead!


Floor is Lava

You will have to take two plates and move your body from one area to the next without touching the floor.


10min partner AMRAP - alternate rounds

Shuttle Run one length and back

5 Squats to MedBall

5 MB Slams

5 Burpees

Tag and then partner goes!

- Team 782