Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hello Partners!

Just wanted to make sure we tell you to drink lots of water throughout the day whether or not you are training.

When it comes to training we still believe you should be getting in as much as you usually do, but just to manage your expectations. Our bodies may not be use to training in this heat, but our body will adapt to what we put it through, but just be safe when doing it. Still make sure you are eating as usual and eating after after your workouts. Lots of fruits and vegetables will help you stay hydrated if you do not feel like drinking a ton of water.

Keep the 17th of August free this summer ladies and gentlemen. We are going to be hosting our annual 782 summer party at 155 Richard Drive on that Saturday afternoon. We will be doing a beach WOD that morning as well given a good forecast in the weather.

And make sure you check out our website and pre-order those shirts!

Athletics - 6/9/12/430/530

Strength & Conditioning

10 minutes at each station - 1 minute to rotate stations

  1. Build to a heavy 8 rep Bench Press

  2. Jumping & Agility Ladder

    1. High Ladders (quick feet)

    2. Ladders (quick)

    3. 3 Hurdles + 3 High Box Jumps

  3. 2 sets

    1. ME Strict UB HSPU or 10 Box HSPu

    2. ME T2B

    3. 1-2 minute plank

Something a little different here to have some fun.

We will break you into 3 different groups and you will work at each station for 10 minutes. For the bench focus on keeping the hands tight and the body rigid when you lift. There will be 3 parts to the jumping station. One will be with the hurdles, one with the ladders, and one with the boxes and hurdles. Move through each one. The final station will be a bit of gymnastics and core work.

Sport Training - 630pm

Lower Body Endurance + Upper Body Stamina

Special Olympics PEI - 630pm

- Team 782