Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hello Wednesday.

Let us get right to it.

We have had a ton of visitors check into 782 over the past few weeks. You guys are so wonderful at welcoming every person that walks into these doors and you make them feel part of the community right away. We applaud you for making this gym a home to all.

Also being Pride Week we are flying the flag up high and proud and want to let everyone know we believe Love is Love and to accept all those around us with an open heart.

Comp class is at 630 on Wednesday evenings still at CrossFit 782. Come September we will be expanding this program so for now just keep coming in and getting in your training as best you can.

Athletics - 6/9/12/430/530

Strength & Conditioning

9min AMRAP x 3 Rounds - Rest 2 minutes b/w rounds

1K/800/600m Run (should take 4-5 minutes) - can run outside or run laps in the gym

25 Russian KBS

25 V-Snaps

Max Effort MU’s/C2B/Pullups or 10 Strict Pullups + ME Ring Rows

Something a little different, a little spicy here.

Here is the goal. Take the run at a steady pace and choose a distance you can finish in 4 to 5 minutes each round. From there spend 2-3 minutes to work on your core through some swings and snaps and that should leave you with a minute to three minutes to hit some work on your pullups/etc. If you do not have pullups yet we want to see you doing 10 strict pullups (banded/partner/jumping/etc.) and then finish with max effort ring rows at a difficult spot. It is not a unbroken set, but just as many reps as possible in the remaining time.

Sport Training - 630

Lower Body Endurance

Special Olympics - 630

- Team 782