Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hello all!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week.

We are looking at having our first beach WOD of the season this Saturday at Blooming Point at 10am. We will have a regular class at 8am at CrossFit 782 and then we will head out to Blooming Point with a crew for 10am to work out and then have a few games and hang out for a bit that afternoon. We have done this many times before and it is always a huge hit for the summer. Directions for those new to this to follow later this week. This is for all members from CrossFit 782 and 782 Athletics!

We are also looking at Saturday, August 17th for our annual 782 summer party so keep that date open for a bit of fun. More details to follow!

Athletics - 430/530



0: ME Strict HSPU/10 Box HSPU or Pushups

1: ME L-Sit Hold or 5 Strict Leg Raises

2: 30sec ME Handstand Walk or 30sec Handstand/Wall Walk Hold


20min AMRAP

50 DU’s/100 SU’s/45sec DU or skipping practice

10 Pushups

10 WBS

10 Box Jump Overs (clear box)

Rest 1 minute

- Team 782