Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hello all!

Summer is coming, right!?

Let us hope so anyway. We will be posting up our summer plans/schedule by the middle of June. For now just get in and get training.

For those of you who have kids we will be continuing our teens program most likely at 9am throughout the week and will be having a kids camp for a few weeks this summer.

We will also be running a sport specific elite training camp this summer from July 2 to the end of August. For students going into grade 4 through to grade 7 it will be at 8am on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday and for students going into grade 8 through to 10 it will be Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday at 7am. Spaces will be limited and we already have 7 signed up for the younger group and 8 signed up for the older group. Touch base with me for more info.

782 Athletics - 12/430/530


10min EMOM

0: 5 Strict Press

1: 30sec Handstand Walk Practice/2 Wall Walks/30sec Handstand Hold


1000/800m Row

30 Pushups/DB Strict Press/HSPU/Box Pushups

200 SU’s/2 minutes Skipping practice

20 Pushups/DB Strict Press/HSPU/Box HSPU

50 Plate G2OH or Burpees

10 Pushups/DB Strict Press/HSPU/Box HSPU

- Team 782

Kids - 330


Coaches Choice Game

Skills Review

Pullups + Deadlifts

3 Pullups + 6 Deadlifts + 9cal Row

3 times per athlete at a fun moderate pace.


Waiter Tag

Relay Race

Wall Walk - Under 3 benches - Zig Zag around cones - Hop Over hurdles - Climb over 3 boxes - Run back


8min Individual AMRAP

25’ Bear Crawl

5 Pushups

25’ Lunge

10 Situps

- Team 782