Monday, May 27, 2019

Come one, come all to Monday at 782.

Whether you are hitting up 782 Athletics or CrossFit 782 we have a couple of spicy workouts coming your way.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and some of that spring weather we were blessed with.

782 Athletics - 6/12/430/530


E3MOM x 5 Rounds - 15 minutes

5 Front Squats + 3-5 Strict Pullups/Banded or Partner Pullups/10 Jumping Pullups

+ MB Clean Practice


12min Ascending Ladder


Ring Rows

MB Cleans


Kids - 330


Coaches Choice Game

Skills Review

Rope Climbs + Wall Walks

1 Rope Climb as high as possible under control + 3 Wall Walks + 10 Burpees

3 times per athlete at a fun moderate pace.


Musical Med Balls

Move around the med balls until the music stops and then sit on a med ball.

Relay Race

Wall Walk - Under 3 benches - Zig Zag around cones - Hop Over hurdles - Climb over 3 boxes - Run back


8min partner AMRAP - alternate rounds

Full Length run there

5 Burpees

Full length run back

5 Ball Slams

Tag and then partner goes!

- Team 782