Monday, May 12, 2019

Good evening.

Big day coming up for the 782 Family.

Tomorrow we officially open the doors at 782 Athletics. There will be class at 6am, 12pm, 330pm for kids, and then again at 430 and 530. There will be open gym and some sport specific training from 630 to 730.

Class at CrossFit 782 will run as usually scheduled.

Classes at 782 Athletics will be similar to our current CrossFit 101 classes as they will be an introduction to fitness. If you have anyone interested they can come in at any point to one of these classes and we will help them adjust to the class. For our current members you can come in and still get a good workout in during this hour!

782 Athletics - 6/12/430/530


Coaches Choice


EMOM x 5 Rounds (10 minutes)

0: 5 Back Squats

1: ME Situps in 40 secs (20 secs to rest)

After going through the back squat and the situps and we’ll get you moving through this EMOM to work on our foundational leg strength and core strength.


3 minute AMRAP - rest 3 minutes x 4 rounds

30 Mountain Climbers (15 per side)

20 Walking Lunges

10 Burpees

Work through each 3 minutes trying to push the pace and get through one round and then go from there. Earn that recovery before getting after it again.

Kids - 330

Coaches Choice for Warmup


Waiter Tag

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes


Wall Walks





We will get warmed up and then learn these skills as we play different games in between the skills.


8 min Partner AMRAP - alternate movements

4 Burpees

6 Pushups

8 Situps

10 Squats to medball

One partner goes through the burpees and then partner two goes through the burpees and so on and so forth!

- Team 782