Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday is here and we are ready to keep this week trucking along.

Tell all your friends we are going to be having a 9am class in Stratford at 782 Athletics for new members Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Get your summer membership for July and August and get ready to train hard so you can enjoy the rest of your days this summer.

Hats and shirts are still for sale. Get yours when you can!

Athletics - 12/430/530


10 minutes to practice the Snatch

10min EMOM

Hang Power Snatch x 3reps

We will work on moving some weight here. Focus more on technique more than anything. If you feel good add some weight, but if not focus on opening up those hips


2 Rounds for Time

50 Situps

40 WBS

30 DB Snatch

20 Pushups

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

18 minute cap

Push hard.

Kids - 330pm


Coaches Choice Game

Skills Review

Rowing - Fish Game


Row as close to 100m as possible. If missing have to do burpees

Rope Climbs + Wall Walks

2 Rounds

1 Rope Climb + 3 Wall Walks + 5 Burpees


The Floor is Lava!!

Relay Race

Athlete + Coaches Choice


2 Rounds

1 minute max effort Row

1 minute max effort Plate G2OH

1 minute max effort Lunges

1 minute max effort Burpees

1 minute max effort rest (ha!)

- Team 782