Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hello there!

Let’s get it this Thursday.

Check out our Facebook Live video to hear about our new classes.

At CrossFit 782 starting in mid June we will have class at 9am Monday to Friday (for all members, teens included). And we will also have class at Tuesday at 630. We will also be opening up at 6 and staying open all day from Monday to Friday.

We also have hats to sale for $30. Get them. They are shaaaaarp!!

Athletics - 12/430/530


10min EMOM

0: 5 Box HSPU or 10 Pushups

1: 5 Strict Press

Work on your handstand attempts before the EMOM and before the workout.


15min AMRAP

11 Box Jump Overs

9 S2OH (115/75) (75/55)

7 Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

50 SU’s

Kids - 330


Coaches Choice Game

Skills Review

Rowing - Fish Game


Row as close to 100m as possible. If missing have to do burpees

Rope Climbs + Wall Walks

2 Rounds

1 Rope Climb + 3 Wall Walks + 5 Burpees


Floor is Lava with plates

Move across the room without touching the floor.

Relay Race

Athlete + Coaches Choice


2 Rounds

1 minute max effort Row

1 minute max effort Ball Slams

1 minute max effort Shuttle Runs

1 minute max effort Burpees

1 minute max effort rest (ha!)

- Team 782