Thursday, August 29, 2019 (CF782)


For those of you who train with us I applaud you. Not because you train with us and we love you for it, but because you do CrossFit/Athletics and that is hard. Yes it is hard physically and we all know that, but it is just hard in general. This type of training exposes you to any physical weakness you may have. No one wants to see their weaknesses. But you all see them and you attack them and you keep coming back for more. And you use that in your real life. Life is hard sometimes and life will expose our weaknesses when we least expect it to. Challenging yourself to develop both physical and life skills will help you face difficult situations when they do arise. And they will come up from time to time, that is without question. So keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy the moments of glory, face your challenges head on, and keep be as awesome as you have been each day we see you.

Once we hit September we are going to be continuing our 9am class. We will also be adding our teens class back in at 330 during the first full week or school. Teens in grade 10+ are encouraged to attend the 630pm classes when they can. We will also be offering our CrossFit 101 program, starting the end of September. Stay tuned on how to get your friends signed up for that.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


12 minutes to build to a heavy 2rep Deadlift.

That first rep is also the toughest to get off the ground. Stay tight, stay solid and then move through that second rep as well.


E3MOM x 4 Rounds

10 Deadlifts (275/185) (205/135) (155/105)

20 WBS

40 Lateral Hops over the BarBell

ME Handstand Walk/Handstand Hold/Wall Walk Hold

After completing the first 3 pieces of work you will get right into a max effort piece of handstand work. At the 3 minute mark you will start back again at the deadlifts.

782 PrimeTime - 10am


Front Squat x 3reps x 4sets

Fewer reps here so we can go a little heavier.

Ring Rows x 6reps x 4sets

Get that body pulled up off the ground.


5min AMRAP x 2 - rest 3 minutes b/w AMRAPs

10cal Row/Bike/Ski

15 Ball Slams

10 Situps

15 Squats

782 Adaptive - 11am


3 Sets

BB Clean & Jerk x 3reps or DB C&J x 6reps per arm

ME Bike for cals for 60secs


15min AMRAP

300m Row

20 Pistol Press (10 per arm)

10 Shuttle Wheels

Get after it.

- Team 782