Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hello all.

Let’s get in and get at it.

Get your hats on soon ladies and gentlemen before the summer kicks off.

On a day like today with the rain coming down take a moment to stay inside and reflect on the past month, your goals, your plans for the future, and what you are grateful for in this moment or on this day.

Remember that if you know anyone interested in the summer programs they can start at 782 Athletics right away at 9am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am. For anyone else interested tell them to get in touch with us. Our teen program will be at 9am all summer long Monday to Friday at CrossFit 782 and we will also have our sport specific training at 7am (grades 8-10) and 8am (grades 5-7) Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday. Get in touch with Brett for details on this camp.

As well Dave and Michala have invited you all to their wedding dance at Peake’s Quay on Sunday, June 30th! This starts at 8pm. Come one, come all.

Athletics - 10am


10min E2MOM

5 Deadlifts + 30sec Handstand Hold or 2 Wall Walks or Handstand Practice


3 mins on - 3 mins off x 4 rounds

Full Length Sled Pull There and Back

15 Plate G2OH

ME Shuttle Runs to the top of the 18 and Back


Handstand Walking/Wheelbarrow Walking attempts

- Team 782