Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday, Let’s Gooooooo!

Reminder the schedule for Monday.

Class at 10 am and 1115 am at 782 Athletics.

Open gym from 12 to 2 at CrossFit 782.

Going to be a big turf workout on Monday at 782 Athletics so come one, come all for some fun and then nang out upstairs afterwards testing out the rope and gear we have over there.

Athletics - 10am


12 minutes to complete the following:

Build to a heavy 3 rep strict press

and then:

1 Set ME @ 80% of 3RM

1 Set ME @ 70% of 3RM



30 DU’s/60 SU’s/30secs purposeful practice

10 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

5 Strict HSPU or 10 Kipping/Box HSPU/Pushups

Get it.

- Team 782