Monday, September 30, 2019

Hello and G’day.

Hope you all had the most fantastic weekend.

Saw lots of videos and pictures of people enjoying themselves the entire weekend and it reminds me of all the amazing people we have within this community and how much love we have those for people.

This Saturday we will be offering our first Fall Fitness Seminar. Charles Sanderson, from YogaGrove will be coming to work with at 12pm this Saturday on our mobility, our movement patterns, and stretching after class and on days off from the gym.

After the Thanksgiving weekend we’ll be kicking back off our Comp Classes on Saturday afternoon.

We also are starting our CrossFit 101 classes at CrossFit 782 at 730pm on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday mornings at 9am. This will run for the month of October and November and is an introduction to CrossFit. Our current members can attend these classes, but the programming will be directed towards people new to CrossFit.

Athletics - 6/12/430/530

Strength & Power

10min E2MOM (5 Rounds)

3 Thrusters + 3-5 Strict Pullups

Let’s build in weight for the thrusters as we go through this to a heavy set of 3. Not a PR attempt, but something with solid technique. Work your pullups after each set to get ready for the workout.

Conditioning & Mental Fortitude



Thrusters (95/65) (75/55) (55/35)

C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

Lateral Burpees over the Bar

Something definitely a little spicy here. Just go. Grab a bar and get moving with it. It should be a weight you can do unbroken and then from there keep moving fast, but with good form. Breathe and stay composed, but push your pace. We will probably do this in two heats to get the proper experience out of it.

Hammer the Core

With a partner - 4 Rounds

Partner A: 25 Situps

Partner B: Plank

Do this four times each so that you both do 100 situps in total.

782 PrimeTimers - 10am (CF782)

Strength & Balance

3 Rounds for Quality

50’ DB Walking Lunge

15 MB Situps

30sec Hold on Left Leg

30sec Hold on Right Leg

We will get you set up and then get working through this for 12-15 minutes


12min AMRAP

3 Burpees

6 MB Squats (squat to medball)

9 MB Slams

12cal Row

782 Kids - 330pm


MB Mania Relay

Waiter Tag

Strength & Power


5 min AMRAP x 2 - Skill work for 5 minutes b/w AMRAPs

5 DB Thrusters

7 Ring Rows

9 Lateral Burpees over the DB


Rope Climbs

Wall Walks

Hammer the Core

With a partner - 4 Rounds

Partner A: 15 Situps

Partner B: Plank

Do this four times each so that you both do 100 situps in total.

782’s CrossFit 101 - 730pm (CF782)


Learn to Squat

We will review the Air Squat and introduce the Back Squat.

Pullup Progressions

We will review how to work on your pullups. Through active hang practice, scap pullups, and banded pullups or ring rows we will show you how to work on your upper body strength.


Move between these two movements

4 sets

5 Back Squats - Build in weight each set if possible

3 Strict Pullups - Partner/Banded or 6 Jumping Pullups

Work on these two movements after learning about the correct form for each one.


12 minute AMRAP


200m Row

15 Air Squats to a MB

10 Situps

5 Deep Ring Rows or Pullups

We will use this workout to re test again near the end of your CrossFit 101 session.

- Team 782