Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October here we come!

Let’s get it.

Share with us your favourite fall activities. Apple picking? Drinking apple cider? Hanging out at 782?

Whatever it is what you want to do let us know and share with your friends and other members.

As the weather gets cooler dress in layers. Warm up in your sweats and hoodie and then go to your shorts and tank or tee. Stay warm until you are ready to hit and then peel once you get moving. A great way to keep your body safe and healthy as the weather changes.

Keep setting and tracking those goals and healthy habits for the fall and if you need any help with these come see one of your coaches to help you make a plan. We can also be booked in for personal coaching sessions if there is anything specific you need work on.

This Saturday, October 5, we will be putting on a high skilled gymnastics seminar and the following Saturday, October 12, Charles will be hosting the mobility seminar. Both sessions are at CrossFit 782 and at 12pm. Free for all 782 members and $15 for anyone dropping in to one of these seminars.

Athletics - 430/530

Posterior Chain Stamina

10 minutes to build in weight for a 3 rep Deadlift and then

3 reps x 3 sets @ heaviest weight


Tree Trunks’

8 minute AMRAP

8 Deadlifts (225/155) (185/125) (135/95)

12 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

16 Box Jump Overs

Gas Pedal, Gas Pedal, Gas Pedal.

Put your foot down and go on this one.


3 Rounds to move well

30 sec Squat Therapy

30 sec Child’s Pose

30 sec Couch Stretch (each leg)

782 Adaptive - 11am (CF782)

4 minute AMRAP x 4 Rounds - 1 minute rest b/w rounds

4 Pullups

8 Shuttle Wheels

12 WBS

ME cal Row

Go hard on this one. Use that minute just to transition.

782 Kids - 330pm


MB Mania Relay Race

Musical MedBalls


6 min AMRAP x2 - Skill Work b/w AMRAPs

6 MB Situps

8 Box Jump Overs

10 KB Swings


Knee Tucks/Leg Raises


Walking Lunges

CrossFit 101 - 730pm (CF782)


Learn to Deadlift

We will review the Box Jump and introduce the Deadlift

Pushup Progressions

We will review how to work on your pushups. From going from your knees, to keeping your elbows tight, and keeping your body rigid.


Move between these two movements

4 sets

5 Deadlifts - Build in weight each set if possible

5 Pushups

Work on these two movements after learning about the correct form for each one.


2 minutes on - 2 minutes off x 4 Rounds

‘Test 1,2,3’

4 Pushups

8 MB Slams

12 Russian KBS

ME Burpees

Testing some capacity here with some work and then using the remaining time to get as many burpees as possible.

- Team 782