Friday, August 16, 2019

Hello all.

The weekend is upon us and we have some big news!

Hope you are excited to get in some running over the fall with Mike P. and add a different element to your training. These sessions will be open to all 782 members.

Had a rough day of training yesterday. Things didn’t feel great. Hands were sore. Shoulders were tight. Knees were cranky. Mind wanted to give up. But I didn’t. The days that everything feels good it is easy to push and it is easy to complete the tasks at hand. Those days are days to celebrate our character and our fitness. Days like yesterday are what builds character. It is not always going to be easy, in life and in the gym, but it will be our attitude towards these days that push us forward if we choose to accept them instead of letting them roll all over us. Hope this helps anyone who has ever had a rough day of training or life, as I am sure this is everyone!

We also have brilliant news about a comp classes. We will be bringing back the Saturday afternoon comp classes, time to be determined, to go along with the Wednesday evening comp classes. The focus of these classes will shift ever so slightly. We will be working on one of the Olympic LIfts on Wednesday evening and the other Olympic Lift on Saturday afternoon. We will also be programming a benchmark workout for each class and will be treating these workouts like a comp event. The programming for the comp classes will be released Sunday for the week and even if you can not make it to the classes, but want to compete you are expected to find some time in your week during open gym to hit the Oly work and complete the benchmark workouts sometime between Monday and Sunday. We will create a document on 782 where people can post their scores. These workouts are to be done on top of our regular training if you are interested in competing. We will be opening up these workouts to the general population around the maritimes too to compare scores.

Athletics - 6/9/12/430


12min EMOM - 3 Rounds

0: 200/150/100m Run

1: ME Burpees

2: ME Row/Bike/Ski for cals

3: Rest

Somewhere to push here. We will divide you into 4 teams and have you get after it. Push hard on each. Scale the run so that you can come in around the 50 second mark and get right after those burpees.

Team Work makes the Dream Work

D-Town WOD 3 - 4 Rounds with a team of 4 (2 rounds for each pair)

100 DU’s/150 SU’s/60secs DU practice (split) or 50 DU’s with the heavy rope

15 Synchro Double DB Snatches (50/35) (35/20) (20/15-)

12 Synchro T2B

9 Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24) (24/20) (20/12)

15min Cap (10min cap at the comp)

Let’s do this thing!

Grab a team of 4 and send out two partners at first and then the next two partners once they complete a full round. Do 2 rounds per pair. This is just going to be a push each round with a lot of communication between you and your partner and your team. Things we all love at 782

- Team 782