Thursday, August 14, 2019 (@ CF782)

Thursday, Let’s Go!

We have a few announcements to go forward with today that I am super excited about leading into the fall.

We are going to be adding a running coach into the mix at CrossFit 782. Mike Peterson, who currently coaches the Colonel Gray and UPEI cross country teams, will be joining the 782 team and will be offering running clinics and classes year round 2-3 times per month. I have worked with Mike for the past 8 months doing some strength and conditioning with his athletes and I can’t wait to see what he can do with our athletes and our conditioning, running capacity, and technique. Details will be coming out next week for his first clinic here at 782 and these programs will be included in your 782 membership.

Shirts are ordered and will be here hopefully next week.

We will be starting to customize some clothing over the next weeks. Chat with us about details and how to get started with this. And let us know what other gear/clothing you would like ordered with our new patches!

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630

Strength & Conditioning

10mins at each station - 2 minutes to transition b/w stations

  1. 2K Row or 1 mile Run (time cap of 9 minutes)

    1. Just go on this one. A solid benchmark for conditioning.

  2. Build to a heavy 5 rep Bench Press

    1. Some upper body strength work here. Great addition to improve you lifting.

  3. 5 Rounds

    1. 6 Strict Leg Raises/12 Strict Situps/18 MB Twists

Grab a group of 5-6 people and work through your station for 10 minutes. Each one has a different stimulus. Some solid conditioning, some upper body strength, and some core strength. Focus on what you are working on and do it to the best of your ability.

PrimeTimers - 10am


12min EMOM (4 rounds)

0: 10 MB Slams

1: 10 Squats to the MB

2: 10 MB Situps

Something a little different here. Grab a medball and get to work. Focus on about 30-40 seconds of solid work and then rest before the next station.


10min AMRAP

150m Row

100m Run

5 Burpees

And now just straight up conditioning work. Go at your own pace. Focus on your breathing and staying relaxed as you get tired.

782 Adaptive - 11am


3 Rounds

6 Box Dips or 6 DB Push Press

60sec ME Bike or Ski or Row


15min AMRAP

400m Row

20 Shuttle Wheels

10 DB Clean & Jerks (5 per arm)

Get to work!

- Team 782