Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Few announcements here for the week that are important our members and coaches!

Congratulations to our very own fantastic athletes Anikha Greer and Mike Ives. Anikha has unofficially qualified for the Wodapalooza CrossFit Sanctional in the Teen Division by placing 3rd overall in the world and has qualified for the Atlas Games CrossFit Sanctional in the Teen Division by placing 1st overall. Mike has also unofficially qualified for the Atlas Games once again placing 7th in the 50+ Division. Also big shoutout to friends of the gym Colleen McQuaid & Kathleen Mitchell who have also qualified for the Atlas Games in Montreal next year.

Our coach at 782 Athletics, Sam Smiley, has his home opener with the rest of the UPEI Panthers at the turf at UPEI at 715pm against Acadia University. If you are free that evening please come out and support these awesome athletes that coach and train at 782 Athletics.

Athletics - 6/12/430/530


10 minutes to complete the following work:

‘Gymnastics Complex & Strength’

4 sets - ‘Grip It & Rip It’

3-5 Strict Pullups (banded/partner/etc.)

5-7 Leg Raises to best height

Work on you kipping swing practice for the T2B/Leg Raises and if you feel comfortable for the pullups as well.

Rest as long as needed b/w sets

Choose one of these complexes or make up your own that works for you and get work on the bar. Work at your own capacity either building strength in your pullups and core or work on stringing together some reps with your complex.


18 minute AMRAP


18 WBS

15cal Row or 200m Run

12 American KBS (53/35) (35/25)

9 Burpees

Hang on for dear life for this one. Yesterday was a barn burner. Today we just wanna go. And go. And go. Hang on and keep your sets unbroken and your transitions efficient going from movement to movement.

In between your gymnastics sets get yourself ready for this workout as well.

782 Stars 4 Life - 10am (CF782)


5 Sets - Superset

5 Back Squats - build in weight

10 Jumping Pullups or 5 Pullups

Grab your friend and grab a bar and get to work on your squats. In between your sets hit a few pullups or partner pullups to build that strength.


12min AMRAP

16 Air Squats

12cal Row

8 MB Situps

4 Burpees

782 Kids - 330pm


The Floor is Lava

MB Mania!


5 minute AMRAP x 2



7 MB Slams

5 KB Deadlifts

3 Burpees

Between your AMRAPs we will move upstairs and work on the following skills:



Rope Climbs

UPEI Panthers Cross Country Team - 630pm

Comp Class - 730pm (CF782)

For comp class we will complete the class workout during the 630 block and then at 730pm we will get into some Olympic Lifting work.

Olympic Lifting

5min EMOM

High Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance

This is to warm up so use light and focus on technique in your movement.

8 minutes to build in weight

Pause Hang Snatch (pause 2 seconds above the knee)

Comp WOD

AMRAP 5 x 3 Rounds

15 Double DB Front Squats (50/35)

50 DU’s

15 C2B

50 DU’s

Remaining time attempt a 1RM Snatch

Rest 2 minutes before moving back to the Squats.

You should complete the grunt work in about 3 minutes and have a couple of minutes to hit a lift under fatigue. At the 5 minute mark rest 2 minutes before doing it again two more times.

- Team 782