Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hello all.

Reminder that we have a free trial class at 630pm at 782 Athletics. Tell your friends to come out, or even your enemies if you want to suffer alongside them.

If you haven’t yet sign yourself up to be on our MotionBall team.


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Athletics- 430/530


Shoulder & Core Stamina

16 min E2MOM (4 Rounds)

0: 5 Push Press + Plank to the 90 second mark

2: ME Strict HSPU (one set) + Hollow Hold until the 90 second mark (break if need be)

Before our conditioning we want to work you through a bit of shoulder and core conditioning work. For the first two minutes hit your 5 Push Perss and then jump into a plank until the 1:30 mark. On the next 2 minute beep hit ME HSPU or 10 Box HSPU and then hold a hollow hold or knee tuck hold until the 1:30 mark. You may need to break this one or scale it, but it is fantastic to work through those abs.


‘Broad & Bouncy’


S2OH (95/65) (75/55) (55/35)

20 Lateral Jumps over the Bar after each set

12 minute time cap

Grab a bar, get some broad shoulders, and put a little bounce in your step. Do not underestimate these lateral hops. Move steady through them and make sure you breathe. Choose a weight you can cycle through unbroken with the barbell.

782 Adaptive - 11am (CF782)

Strength & Conditioning

‘Let’s Go!!!’

30 minute AMRAP

5 Box Dips

10 Pistol Press

15 Shuttle Wheels

20 WBS

25cal Row

Get it.

Kids - 330pm

Warmup & Workout Setup

MB Race

Waiter Tag


2 minutes on - 2 minutes off x 2 Rounds

100m Run

10 DB Snatch

ME lateral hops over the DB

10 minutes skill work on:


Wall Walks/Pushups

2 minutes on - 2 minutes off x 2 Rounds

100m Run

10 DB Snatch (5 per arm)

ME lateral hops over the DB

Trial Class - 630pm

- Team 782