Sunday, October 13, 2019 (CF782)

Hello, Hello!

Sunday Funday here at 782.

Reminder that on Monday we have our holiday hours.

Both classes will be at CrossFit 782 for all 782 members. Classes are at 9am and 1030am and then we have open gym until 1pm.

This will be a group workout with tons of fun and energy with all your favourite people. Come one, come all on Monday for some fantastic fitness.

CrossFit - 10am

Gymnastics Strength

3 Rounds for Quality

2 Perfect Wall Walks

8 Ring Rows

12 V-Snaps

200m Row

Use this as the end of your warmup. Practice high quality reps here.


E4MOM x 5 Rounds

12 Pushups

8 DB Step Ups (4 per leg)

40 DU’s/60 SU’s/30 secs practice

200m Run

Scale the numbers/movements as need be to finish your work in 2 and a half to 3 minutes. The goal is to move steady, with a purpose through each round.

- Team 782