Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hello all.

Beauty weather out there for a bit of running and foolishness outside.

We have a couple of big announcements. Watering Hole Wednesday starts this Wednesday night at 630pm at the Beer Garden. Come on out around 830pm for some beverages and some socializing with a fantastic crew of people.

As well this Saturday is Greg and Allison’s wedding and we are all invited to the wedding dance in Victoria anytime after 8pm. We already had one big wedding at the gym this summer and come on out for another fun event to celebrate these two wonderful people.

At 782 we are all about training and putting in the work, but a big part of who we are rests in the culture, people, and events we have at the gym. Take the time to get the know the people around you who you work out with day in and day out and you will be lucky enough to meet some amazing people.

Athletics - 6/9/12/430/530


EMOM 10 (5 Rounds)

We will work on some cleans before getting into this work!

0: 3-6 Strict Pullups

1: 3 Hang Power Cleans


18min AMRAP
Buy In: 1K or 800m Run

In the Remaining Time:

15 Ring Rows/10 Pullups

20 DB Hang Clean & Jerks (5 per arm twice)

25 MB Situps

30 Air Squats


Rope Climb Practice

782 Sport - 630pm

Lower Body Endurance

Special Olympics PEI - 630pm (turf)

- Team 782