Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Twisted Tuesday.

Some great words I had with Dave Mitchell last week. We talked about juggling your schedule in life and making the best use of your time. I had told him that my uncle had once said to me that you can carry 3 plates or parts in your life and do them well, but once you add a fourth plate you end up sacrificing quality somewhere in another area of your life. This is key at the moment as we are all finding rhythm in our life again and juggling work, family, life, fitness, nutrition, sports, etc. and still trying to remain calm amongst it all. Figure out your priorities each day and make time for these 3 things and then let yourself enjoy the rest of your life in the space between these three areas. For me right now it is my new house with Hillary, my wonderful 782 business and family, and my job down here teaching in Cardigan. That means I have to fit in training when I can, socializing, travelling, and other areas of life when I can so I can keep these areas of my life balanced and remain passionate about them. That is all for now.

If you have not signed up for the golf tournament yet do so before this Thursday so we know the numbers leading into the weekend! Tee off times start at 1pm!

Athletics - 430/530


‘Taco Tuesday’

30 American KBS

30 Squat Jumps

300m Run

20 American KBS

20 Squat Jumps

200m Run

10 American KBS

10 Squat Jumps

100m Run

Pullup Strength & Capacity Building

8 minutes to work on one of the following:

A. 3 sets of 3-6 strict pullups/partner/banded/jumping/etc. + 5 deep ring rows directly afterwards

C. 3 sets of ME Kipping/Butterfly Pullups/C2B

Rest at least 90 seconds b/w sets

Core & Shoulder Stability

3 Rounds

6 Turkish Get Ups (3 per arm)

300m Run

Three separate, unique parts to the workout today. First one is a burner. Get in and get warmed up and then get moving. Push the pace. We will not set up a time cap, but if we need to people can scale the numbers as need be. The second part is some great work on your pullup strength and skill work. And finally we want to keep those shoulders safe and build some overall core/torso strength with those turkish get ups.

782 Adaptive - 11am (CF782)


5min AMRAP x 3 - rest 3 minutes b/w AMRAPs

5 Pullups

10 Box Dips

15 WBS

MEcal Row with the remaining time.

782 Kids - 330pm


Musical Medballs

Hungry, Hungry Hippo


‘Taco Tuesday’

5 minute AMRAP x 2 - Skill Work in between

10 Russian KBS

10 Box Jump Overs

100m Run

Skill Work

Rope Climbs

Wall Walks

Pullup Practice

Intro Class - 630pm

UPEI Soccer Training - 630pm

- Team 782