Friday, September 6, 2019


The weekend. After a short, but ever changing week.

This weekend we have our coaches outing so we will be at the gym as usual from 8am to 12 noon with classes at 8/9/10/11. After that we will be getting coached ourselves and doing some training before heading out for the afternoon and evening to plan out a few more activities for the gym for the fall.

Hope you all had a good few days back into routine. If you need any help with setting your routine or habits or goal setting of if you want to just start making some improvements ask us about our personal coaching that we offer and how we can help you with your own personal goals.

If you have not yet help us with our fundraising for MotionBall 2019 by clicking on this link and donating!

This on Saturday, September 14 at UPEI.

Athletics - 6/12/430/530


E2MOM x 5 Rounds (10 minutes)

3 Power Clean

3-5 Strict Pullups (scale these as needed) - add weight, use partners or bands, etc.


20min Partner AMRAP - alternate movements

10 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

10 Power Clean (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

10 Burpees

Go fast and then rest. With your partner you should be able to do your movement unbroken before tagging in your partner and they will try and do the same thing. Scale numbers and movements as need be to get the best out of this for your fitness.

- Team 782